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Your resource center for all security, privacy and compliance information related to a Reporting Hub deployment

The Reporting Hub takes security, privacy and compliance seriously and our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need to ensure your success.

Reporting Hub Architecture

The Reporting Hub is a fully deployed web-app that is installed within the customers Azure environment. Our Reporting Hub Architecture documentation provides all the relevant information you will need to understand how the application works within Azure.

The Reporting Hub's policies can be found on our website here:

Reporting Hub Application Security Controls

Reporting Hub Compliance - Audit Logging

The Reporting Hub includes built-in logging functionality with both application and audit logs. The logs are captured and stored in the Azure App Service within the client's environment. Below is a list of the information captured in the logs:

Application Logging:

  • Any exceptions/errors encountered by the application

  • Information messages for Power BI embedded capacity operations and scheduled tasks in the Reporting Hub

Audit Logging:

  • Content page security changes - which security groups and/or individuals are assigned to a content page. This includes if a group/individual's RLS role changes.

  • AD group - when sync groups is initiated, groups that were added/removed are tracked

  • Application roles - when a user or user group's application role changes (user, content admin, application admin)

  • Changes to Tenant admin - any changes made to on a tenant admin page (parent group, assigned workspaces, authentication scheme, billing, etc.)

  • Power BI settings - any changes made to the capacity, time out settings, Power BI gateway*, scheduled refresh

  • Scheduled tasks - add, modify, delete scheduled tasks

  • Subscription changes* - when customer upgrades/downgrades their license

Microsoft Security, Privacy & Compliance Documentation

The Reporting Hub is an Azure web application, built within the Azure framework using Microsoft APIs. The benefit of using the Reporting Hub is that you are taking advantage of all the built-in Microsoft security. The below list has been compiled to simplify the sourcing of this relevant information:

Microsoft Trust Center:

Microsoft Data Protection & Privacy:

Azure App Service Security:

Power BI Security

Data Protection in Power BI

Power Platform Compliance and Data Privacy

Power BI Governance & Compliance - Metadata Scanning

Power BI Embedded Security:

Embedded Analytics Access Tokens:

Service Principal Profiles Security:

Microsoft Compliance Offerings:

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