Required Azure Services

Everything you need to deploy the Reporting Hub

The Reporting Hub is a cloud based web application that is installed and deployed directly to your Azure Environment. In order to deploy the Reporting Hub the following Azure Services are required.

Good To Know: The Reporting Hub Installer will install and properly configure all required Azure resources along with the application itself with your Azure Resource Group. If preferred, you can also manually install the Azure resources.

Azure Services Required

Please Note: Any and all Azure services are not included within the Reporting Hub subscription. These services are deployed to your organizations' Azure instance and will fall under your Azure subscription. Any and all Azure subscription fees are the responsibility of your organization.

Power BI Embedded Capacity

The Reporting Hub is a plug 'n' play, no-code solution for Power BI Embedded. The Power BI Embedded Capacity allows you to share your Power BI content with users without a Power BI or Microsoft license. The Embedded Capacity is a capacity-based license which means you are paying for a dedicated amount of computing resources vs. a specific number of users. We recommend organizations start with an A1 node and scale according to need. For more information on pricing and capacity planning please refer to the Microsoft documentation link below.

Good to Know: The Reporting Hub Capacity Manager will allow you to reduce this monthly capacity cost by programmatically activating and pausing your Embedded Capacity based on usage. By default, the Reporting Hub will keep you Embedded Capacity paused when not in use. When your capacity is paused you will not incur costs.

NEW Fabric Capacities are Now Supported! With Reporting Hub version 6.4, you can now take advantage of Microsoft's new Fabric Capacities with your Reporting Hub.

Please Note: Microsoft has not yet made the APIs available to deploy Fabric capacities programmatically. If you wish to use Fabric, you will need to set up your Fabric Capacity prior to installing the Reporting Hub, or configure with your Reporting Hub application after installation.

Visit our Embedded Capacity Admin page for more details on Power BI Embedded Capacity.

Azure App Service

An Azure App Service is a fully managed service with built-in infrastructure maintenance, security patching and scaling for web apps within Azure. The Reporting Hub application instance is deployed and hosted to this App Service within your Azure environment. We recommend a S1 instance for production scenarios. Please refer to the Microsoft documentation link below for more information.

Please Note: The minimum App Service tier required is a B1 Basic Service Plan. The Free or Shared plans WILL NOT support the application.

Azure SQL Database

An Azure SQL Database is required to store the Reporting Hub application configuration, log and audit files. This database is very small and can run on the lowest database tier available in Azure. If your organization does not have an exiting Azure SQL instance, we recommend a single database 'Basic' Service Tier and 'DTU' Purchase model. For more information on region specific pricing please refer to the Microsoft documentation link below.

Azure Translator

The Reporting Hub is a multi-language application that can be configured into any language. The Azure Translator service is used to complete language translation. There is no cost to this service as the Reporting Hub leverages the free service instance only. This service is required even if you do not plan on using the multi-languages feature.

What if I don't have an Azure Instance?

No Azure? No problem!

All you need to do is follow the link below to set up a Pay As You Go Azure account to get started. Once you have an Azure subscription in place you can proceed with deploying the Reporting Hub.

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