App Usage Tracking

Integrate Google Analytics to understand the usage behavior of your Reporting Hub application

Usage Tracking Overview

Usage tracking allows you to monitor and analyze the usage activity of your Reporting Hub web application. The Reporting Hub includes simple integration with Google Analytics to enable usage tracking.

Note: To take advantage of usage tracking, a Reporting Hub Business, Enterprise or Commercial subscription is required.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google to track usage data from a website or web application.

For more information please visit:

Setting up Google Analytics

Follow the steps outlined in the article below to set up Google Analytics for your web application.

Please note: The legacy Power BI Google Analytics connector only supports UA Google Analytics properties. The steps below are based on UA properties. You may still choose to use a GA4 Property, but please note the Power BI connector will not support it at this time.

Apply your Tracking Code to the Reporting Hub

After you have set up your Google Analytics Account and Property you can proceed with associating it to your Reporting Hub application.

  1. Begin by copying your “UA-” Tracking ID from your Google Analytics property associated to your web app:

2. Paste your “UA-” Tracking ID code into the Reporting Hub Tenant that you wish to track:

Note: You can apply the same Tracking ID code into multiple tenants if you want to aggregate all tenants activity, or, apply a unique code to each tenant to track tenants independently.

Connect Power BI to Your Google Analytics

Now that you are collecting Google Analytics data from your Reporting Hub web application you can connect Power BI.

Get Google Analytics Data using Power BI

When working with a new report simply use the Google Analytics connector within Power BI desktop to connect to your UA Property:

Please Note: If using a GA4 property, you will need to connect this property to Google Big Query first before connecting to Power BI.

User ID-Level Analytics with GA4 Properties

Note: An Enterprise or above license is required to access User ID-level analytics with GA4.

The Reporting Hub is configured to send encrypted User-ID level usage analytics per Google's GA4 defined best practices. For customers that wish to take advantage of this feature please reference the below documentation:

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