Connect Power BI Workspaces

Add a Power BI Workspace to your Reporting Hub application

There are three steps you need to perform in order to make your Power BI workspaces available in the Reporting Hub.

Please Note: your personal 'My Workspace' can not be added to the Reporting Hub.

Assign your workspace to your Embedded Capacity

To add a Power BI workspace to an embedded capacity, you'll need to:

Log in to:

On the left menu, choose the Workspace you want to add to the embedded capacity, click on the three-dot menu and choose Workspace Settings

On the Premium tab, switch the license mode to Embedded or Fabric. If you have more than one embedded capacity, select the one that is being managed by the Reporting Hub and click Apply.

Note: The capacity selection will only be visible to you if you are a Power BI Embedded Capacity administrator and the capacity is currently active. If the capacity is paused, you can start it by either going to the Azure portal and starting the capacity or by signing into the Reporting Hub and the application will start the capacity automatically.

Add the Reporting Hub Application to your Workspace

Select the Workspace you want to add to the Reporting Hub, click on the three-dot menu and choose Manage Access

Note: A diamond icon next to a Workspace means that it is running on a premium capacity.

In the 'Enter name or email' field, type in the name of the application you created during the installation process. In this example, we type in ReportingHubApplication and select the one that shows an AppID next to the name. By using the application, workspaces are typically available in the Reporting Hub within minutes. If you choose the service principal instead of the application, workspaces will take longer (hours or even next day) to become available in the Reporting Hub application.

You must set the permission to be either Member or Admin. Click Add and Save your changes.

Add the Workspace to a Reporting Hub Tenant

Important: Your workspace must contain content for it to be added to the Reporting Hub. An empty workspace will not be visible to the Reporting Hub.

The final step is to now add the workspace to one or more of your Reporting Hub tenants. An administrator cannot create a navigation item to a report if the workspace has not been assigned to the tenant.

  1. Sign into the Reporting Hub.

  2. Select your profile picture to access the Admin Settings menu.

  3. Select App Settings.

  4. Select the Tenant Admin tab.

  5. Select Refresh Workspaces and Capacities to sync your Power BI resources with your Reporting Hub.

  6. To add the workspace to an existing tenant, click on the ellipsis by the tenant's name and select Edit.

    To add the workspace to a new tenant, select Add New Tenant, and complete the other fields.

  7. Select the workspace(s) from the Power BI Workspaces dropdown.

  8. Select Save.

Note: It may take a few minutes for a new Workspace to appear in the Workspaces dropdown list. If it doesn't show up right away, try clicking on refresh capacities and workspaces on the tenant admin page.

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