Theme and Layout

Give your Reporting Hub tenant a distinct look and feel

Themes and Layouts

There are three custom themes that can be applied to your Reporting Hub: Classic, Modern, and Minimal.

Custom layouts are only available to customers with Business-tier or higher subscriptions.

Classic Layout

The classic layout is the default Reporting Hub layout. It comes with a top navigation bar and a side navigation bar.

Modern Layout

The modern layout is an updated version of the classic layout. It still has a top navigation bar and a side navigation bar.

Minimal Layout

The minimal layout maximizes dashboard viewing area. It does not have a top navigation bar. Admin settings, search, external link, favorites, and bookmarks are located at the bottom of the side navigation bar. When viewing a report, report options are accessible by selecting the vertical ellipsis next to the report name on the side menu.

Change the Layout

  1. Select your profile picture to access the Admin Settings menu.

  2. Select Edit Theme.

  3. Select the Theme & Layout tab.

  4. Select the layout you'd like to change to.

  5. Select Save Changes.

The space for the tenant logo differs for each theme. You may need to adjust the logo size after changing themes. Learn more about editing your logo.

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