Managing Your Gateway

Grant the Reporting Hub direct access to your gateway and data source

The most common scenario for data connection in Power is called "data import", where Power BI stores the data in memory and acts as an intermediary for users to access that data via the Report or Dashboard. In this scenario, the Reporting Hub does not need to be added to your gateway or data source.

You may, however, wish to set up a direct connection between Power BI and your data source—what's called a "Direct Query" data connection in Power BI, or often referred to as a 'live connection'.

In this case, you'll need to grant your Reporting Hub service principal user access to your Power BI gateway and data source.

Important: If using direct query data connection in your Power BI report, or, if using Paginated reports you must add the Reporting Hub service principal to your gateway and data source. The report will error in the Reporting Hub otherwise.

Granting The Reporting Hub Access to Your Gateway and Data Source

  1. From your admin settings drop-down, select Power BI Settings.

  2. Select the Manage Gateway tab.

  3. Select the relevant gateway from the Available Gateways drop-down.

  4. Information corresponding to your gateway will appear. Verify that it's correct.

  5. Select Grant Access.

  6. Once access has been granted, a green Active icon will appear next to your data source.

  7. Select Save Changes.

Important: Assigning the Reporting Hub service principal direct access must be done within the Reporting Hub, as opposed to within the Power BI service. Power BI does not recognize a service principal as a regular 'user', as such permission must be granted through an API call.

Revoking Access to a Data Source

To revoke access, click the Active icon. An Access Control pop-up will appear confirming you wish to remove the Reporting Hub service principal access. Select Yes.

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