Colors Overview

The Edit Theme Colors page allows you to configure the color of many site elements. The following overview explains what each element controls. The options below correspond to the lime green areas in the screenshots underneath. In some examples, the areas also be emphasized with a red rectangle or arrow.

Learn more about setting colors.

Brand Primary Color

Only used in the Classic theme.

Sets the hover color of user name text.

Side Navigation Header Font Color


Side Navigation Panel Primary

Sets the background color of the side navigation panel.

Side Navigation Panel Item Highlight

Sets the background color of the currently selected item in the side panel.

Sets the hover background color of side panel items (Modern and Minimal themes).

Sets the hover background of the Admin Settings menu and the Report Options menu.

Side Navigation Font Primary

Sets the primary font color of the side navigation panel text, as well as the font color for the secondary logo text.

Side Navigation Panel Secondary

If you have secondary logo and text enabled, sets the background color for the block where the secondary logo, text and subtext appear.

See Adding a Secondary Logo for more information.

Side Navigation Font Hover

Sets the hover text color for the side navigation panel.

Sets the text color of currently selected report in side panel.

Sets the text color of current tenant on the User Tenants menu.

Button Face Color


Top Navigation Font

Changes the color of the text and icons in the top navigation panel (Classic and Modern themes).

Top Navigation Panel Primary

Changes the background color of the top navigation panel (except for the top right portion, which is determined by the Top Navigation Panel Secondary color) - Classic and Modern themes.

Top Navigation Panel Secondary

Sets the background of the top right navigation panel, where the Logo Image appears.

Page Name & Current Page

Sets the text color for page titles and descriptions.

If Show Content Pane is enabled for a report page, this sets the of text color of the currently displayed content pane tab.

Report Pane Background

Sets the background color for:

  • report panes' title and description (if enabled), content panes (if enabled), footer (if enabled)

  • the bottom pane of embedded URL pages

Content Pane Titles

If Show Content Pane is enabled for a report page, this sets the of text color of content pane tabs. Note the text of the currently selected tab is controlled by the Page Name & Current Page color.

To learn more about enabling content panes, see Content Page Options.

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