Embedding Power BI Content

Add Power BI reports and dashboards to your tenant

You can embed any Power BI reports and dashboards within your Reporting Hub tenant, provided you've granted the Reporting Hub access to your workspace within Power BI (To learn more, see Configure Power BI Workspaces).

Good to Know: Tenant admins can also embed content, depending on their permission level. Permission can be assigned when creating a tenant (see Tenant Admin), or from the Manage Groups settings (see Managing Groups>Setting Admin Permissions).

Add Power BI Report to Main Menu

If you want to house your content within an existing Category, see below. To embed Power BI content within your tenant's menu:

  1. Select your profile picture to access the Admin Settings menu.

  2. Select Manage Content.

  3. Select Add New.

  4. Select Create Content Page from the menu that appears. Content pages include Power BI Reports, Dashboards or Paginated Reports.

  5. Select Refresh Workspaces. This ensures the Reporting Hub has up-to-date information from your Power BI Workspaces.

  6. Fill out the following fields:

    • Name:

      • Your content name will appear on your Navigation Pane.

      • Your content name will also show as the title for your content page, if this feature has been enabled on your content page settings (learn more about Content Panes).

    • Icon (optional):

      • The icon you select will appear on your Navigation Pane, to the left of your content name.

    • Description (optional):

      • Your description will show up beneath the title on your content page, if this feature has been enabled (learn more about Content Panes).

    • Enable Dynamic Binding toggle: If the report uses dynamic binding, enable this option and fill out the following fields:

      • Select Power BI Workspace: The workspace where the report is located.

      • Power BI Content: The report.

      • Select Dataset Workspace: This is the workspace where the dataset is located.

      • Select Dataset: Select the dataset.

    • Select your Workspace…:

      • From the drop-down, select the Workspace that houses the report you wish to embed.

      • Workspaces will only appear if they have been assigned an Embedded capacity (see Configure Power BI Workspaces).

    • Power BI Content:

      • From the drop-down, select the Power BI content you wish to embed.

    • Select Report Page

      • From the drop-down, select 'All Pages' to include all pages in the report, or select the specific pages you wish to embed

  7. Select from the following options:

  8. Assign Permissions: (Users/Groups):

    • Select the group(s) that will have access to your report by typing in the first few characters of the group name and selecting the appropriate group from the dropdown.

    • You may also add individual email accounts. If the user has not been added to a report before, you have to enter their full email address and select the checkmark beside their name on the left side.

    • Choose to grant "Editing Permissions" for security groups or users if desired.

  9. If Row Level Security has been enabled for your content, select a Role next to the group or user's name. For more information, see Row Level Security.

  10. Enter a Sort Order. This is the position of your report on the Navigation Pane.

  11. Select Save.

Note: You must assign permission to users and/or security groups before you can save your content.

Embedding Content Within Categories

If you don't want your content to be accessed directly via the navigation pane, you can house it within a Category. (See Adding A Category.) To do so:

  1. From your Navigation Settings, find the Parent Category that you want to house your content within. Hover over the category and select the plus icon that appears.

  2. Select Add Content Page, then follow steps 4-9 from the tutorial above.

Embedding Content Within Subcategories

Content can also be housed within subcategories. (See Adding a Subcategory.)

To expand a category and view its subcategories, click on the arrow icon to left of the category.

To embed content within a Sub Category:

  1. Navigate to the subcategory. To expand a category and view its subcategories, click on the arrow icon to left of the category.

  2. Select the Category Details icon for the relevant Sub-Category within your Parent Category.

  3. From within that Sub-Category, select New item, then follow steps 3-9 from the tutorial above.

Good to Know: Categories/Sub Categories will only be visible to the AD users/groups who've been assigned permission to view the Power BI content within them.

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