Managing Your Subscription

Scale your subscription up or down at any time.

Subscription Management Overview

As an Application Administrator you can manage your subscription from within the application via the subscription management page. Immediately following your deployment you will be required to activate your subscription before having access to the application. Changes can be made to your subscription at any time.

Your credit card payments are processed by Stripe over a secure SSL connection and encrypted with AES-256.

Subscription History

Your subscription history and invoices are readily available from the Subscription Management page. Expand the Subscription History section at the bottom of the page to view prior payments and select Get Invoice to view an invoice.

Making Changes to Your Subscription

Changes can be made to your Reporting Hub subscription at any time. To upgrade or downgrade your subscription, first select the subscription level and payment term you wish to proceed with, then click "Place Order" and complete the payment processing steps.

The application will restart and ask you to login again. The features of your updated subscription will immediately be available to you.

Good to Know: When changing your subscription, you will be charged in full for the new subscription. Any balance from your previous subscription will be prorated and the credit will be applied on your next billing period.

Changing Credit Card Info

To update your credit card info simply click on the 'Change Card Details' option from the Subscription Management page. Update your Billing Info and Credit Card details and click 'Change Card Details' button to process the change.

Canceling Your Subscription

To cancel your subscription simply contact us and we will immediately cancel your subscription no questions asked.

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