SMTP Setup

Add a SMTP server to enable scheduled emails

Add a SMTP server to your Reporting Hub allows your users to set up scheduled email exports of your reports.

Add a SMTP Server

  1. Select your profile picture or name to access the Admin Settings menu.

  2. Select App Settings.

  3. Select the SMTP Setup tab.

  4. Select Add New.

  5. Ensure the Enable toggle is set to 'Yes'.

  6. Toggle the Default Server option to 'Yes' if you'd like to set the server as the default.

  7. Add a Name for the SMTP server.

  8. Add Server Address and From Address.

  9. Add a User Name and Password.

  10. Select a Secure Connection type: TLS or SSL.

  11. Enter a Port Number.

  12. Select Save.

The Reporting Hub doesn't validate the SMTP server information or the credentials you provide. Please ensure you enter the correct information.

Manage SMTP Servers

From the SMTP Setup menu, you can view a list of the SMTP servers. Select the ellipsis beside a server to edit its properties.

Currently SMTP servers cannot be deleted, but then can be disabled. To disable a server, set the Enable toggle to 'No'.

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