Search Tags

Ability to add search tags to your content. Search Tags will allow the content to be searchable based on tags included in the content options.

The Reporting Hub gives you several options for customizing the content page properties and features of your Embedded Power BI content. To access these options:

  1. Select your profile picture to access the Admin Settings menu.

  2. Select Manage Content.

  3. Navigate to the content page for which you'd like to add the search tags . If it is within a category, you will have to expand that category by clicking on the blue v icon on the right.

  4. In the Search Tags option here, you will be able to assign tags to your content, making it searchable.

  1. Select Save to save your changes.

  2. Once the search tags have been added to your content, you can click on the Search Icon in the Navigation bar and type the tags to find the corresponding content.

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