Azure Resource Monitoring

You can view metrics for your Azure App Service and any Embedded capacities that are linked to your Reporting Hub.

Azure App Service Metrics

The available metrics are available for the Azure App Service:

  • HTTP error 5XX

  • HTTP response time

  • CPU time

  • Requests

Learn more about the Azure App Services metrics at the link below:

Embedded Capacity Metrics

The metrics for the Embedded capacities are:

  • Capacity overload

  • CPU utilization

Viewing Azure Service Metrics

To view your Azure metrics:

  1. Select your user picture to access the dropdown Admin Settings menu, and select App Settings.

  2. Select the Azure Metrics tab.

  3. In the Select Control menu, choose either Azure App Service or one of your embedded capacities.

  4. Select the measure you'd like to see on the graph.

  5. Choose an aggregation.

  6. Set the Date Start and Date End fields.

  7. Choose either line or bar for the chart type.

  8. Select Refresh Chart.

  9. The chart will appear on the page.

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