Schedule Email Reports

You can send a copy of a report to yourself and your stakeholders on a regular basis by setting up a schedule.

In order to create scheduled emails for a report, it must have Report Export option enabled. Learn more about report options.

An SMTP server must be configured in your App Settings and set as 'enabled' to send the email. Learn more about adding an SMTP server.

Email Format

An exported version of the report will be attached to the email. The email body will have:

  • Your logo

  • The name of the report

  • Email content as entered in step 11 of the instructions below

  • A 'Navigate to report' link. If the email recipient has access permissions for that report, they'll be taken to the report in their site. However, if they don't have access permissions, they won't be able to view it through the email link.

Create a Scheduled Email Report

  1. View the report you'd like to schedule emails of by selecting it from the side menu. Filter the report the way you'd like it to appear in the scheduled emails.

  2. Access the Report Options menu by either:

    • Selecting the vertical ellipsis by your profile picture (Classic and Modern theme layouts), or

    • If your site is using a Minimal theme, select the vertical ellipses next to the report name on the side menu.

  3. Select Scheduled Email from the Report Options menu. If there is no Scheduled Email option on the menu, then the report admin has disabled the 'Report Export Allowed' option for that report. Learn more about managing report options here.

  4. Select the Export Format you'd like to appear in the emails: PDF, PNG or PowerPoint.

  5. Select the Export Pages: choose from either All Pages or the Current Page only. This applies to multi-page reports.

  6. Choose the Export State: Current Filters Applied or the Report Default.

  7. Choose the Frequency that you'd like the emails to be sent: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

  8. Enter the recipient email address(es) in the To field.

  9. Enter an Email Subject.

  10. Enter a Date Start and a Date End period.

  11. Write your Email Content. You can format the text by changing the font style, the font itself, and the size. You can add hyperlinks and insert horizontal lines.

  12. Select Save to create the scheduled email.

Manage Scheduled Email Reports

  1. Access the Admin Settings menu by selecting your profile picture.

  2. Select App Settings.

  3. Select the Scheduled Tasks tab.

  4. Find the scheduled email you'd like to edit, delete, or run and select the ellipses beside it.

  5. From the Actions menu, you may select:

    1. Edit: make changes to your scheduled email.

    2. Run Task: send the email now (regardless of schedule).

    3. Delete: delete the scheduled email.

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