Row Level Security

Control row-level access to Power BI content

Row Level Security (RLS) allows you to limit the viewable information within a Power BI Report at the row-of-data level for specific user roles. For example, if your company has an Eastern and Western division, you may wish to restrict access so that Eastern users only see Eastern Data, and Western users see Western Data.

You’ll be able to assign Roles based on those you’ve created within Power BI. To learn how to create Roles in Power BI, see this Microsoft tutorial:

Once you've created your Roles in Power BI, you can assign them to Groups/Users of your Reporting Hub tenant(s). To do so:

  1. Follow the standard Embedding Power BI Content process.

  2. When assigning access permission, the Reporting Hub will detect if your report has Row Level Security enabled within Power BI. Under the Groups/Users Selected header, you will be asked to assign a Role for each Group/User.

  3. Click the eye icon to preview how your Power BI report will look according to the Role you’ve assigned.

  4. Click Save

Note: If Role Level Security has been enabled for your Report within Power BI, you must assign Roles to your Groups/Users in order to Save.

Good to know: The Reporting Hub supports both standard RLS and dynamic RLS for more complex scenarios.

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