Payment Provider Integrations

Steps to set up Stripe to bill your customers

If you want to bill your customers through the Reporting Hub, you can do so using Stripe as the payment provider. You'll be able to collect payments in-app and the payments will be directly deposited into your Stripe account. Once you've added Stripe connection information in the Reporting Hub, you can import products you've created in Stripe to your Reporting Hub and you can bill them to your tenants.

Integrations: Add a Payment Provider

  1. Select your profile picture to access the Admin Settings menu.

  2. Select App Settings.

  3. Select the Integrations tab.

  4. Select Add New.

  5. Select Stripe.

  6. Follow the steps to add your payment provider.

Tenant Products

Products need to be first created in Stripe. To create products, follow Stripe's instructions found below:

Sync Tenant Products

After you have created Products and set pricing in Stripe, you can return to the Reporting Hub and Sync Products on the Tenant Products tab in App Settings:

In the Reporting Hub, you will have some edit capabilities regarding the product color and product description. The rest must be updated in Stripe and any changes on the Stripe side requires another synchronization.

Assign Products to Bill

After Stripe is connected and Products are synchronized, you can now assign products to your sub-tenants.

In App Settings, go to Tenant Admin. Edit a tenant and you'll see more options than previously:

Product To Bill: You'll now see a dropdown list that contains the products that were synchronized from Stripe. You choose which product is assigned to this tenant.

Per User Billing: Allows you to bill per user of this tenant. If this is enabled, you'll see another field called number of licenses. This is where you can specify the number of licenses initially. Your clients will have the ability to add/remove licenses or change product tiers in-app (using the subscription tab).

What if I have a tenant I don't want to bill?

If you have tenant products, then you must assign a product to bill for every one of your sub-tenants (excludes the global tenant). The workaround in this scenario is to create a free product (zero cost) in Stripe. Assign the free product as the product to bill for your tenants whom you do not want to bill.

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