Managing Users in Entra ID (AAD)

Entra ID (formally Azure Active Directory or AAD) is where users and security groups are created and managed. You can add users to your domain or you can invite guest users who also have Office 365 (AAD B2B). As well, you can create security groups which make it easier to manage access in the Reporting Hub.


To add a user, go to AAD within the Azure Portal, select Add and choose User. You can also get to Users via the Settings on the left of the page. For detailed instructions go to:

Note: Once users are added, they do not require any licenses to access the Reporting Hub.

Security Groups

We recommend using security groups when assigning permissions within the Reporting Hub. While you can add individual users to each report, it does increase workload. For every new user, you need to add them to each report. If you use security groups, once a user is assigned a security group, they will have access to all reports within the Reporting Hub to which the security group has been assigned.

Here's some Microsoft documentation on how to create security groups and assign users:

Note: The Reporting Hub only looks for groups of security type. Microsoft 365 groups are ignored. You can also nest security groups and the Reporting Hub will traverse the hierarchy to ensure users are given access to only the reports to which their security has been assigned.

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