Support Runbooks

There are steps you can take to help resolve issues you may be facing.

Please take a look at our Common Troubleshooting page for solutions before creating a support ticket.

For example, Lock outs are common due to the wrong authentication being selected or you've created a sub-tenant and now you're stuck in the sub-tenant. These are not Level 1 or 2 outages and can be resolved quickly on your own by following the guidance provided.

Definition of each severity level of issue so we can walk you through the correct steps to resolve.

​Level 1 – Critical Impact/System Down. Complete system outage.

This level is reserved for issues that result in a complete system outage, making it impossible for anyone to access the service. This could be caused by a major bug, a hardware failure, or other critical Azure services issue that requires immediate attention.​

Level 2 – Significant Impact/Severe downgrade of services. Specific users/group outage.​

This level is for issues that cause a significant degradation of service, but do not result in a complete outage. This could include things like slow response times, errors preventing certain actions, or issues affecting a subset of users. While the service may still be usable, the issue is significant enough to warrant attention.

​Level 3 – Minor impact/Most of the system is functioning properly.​

This level is for issues that are causing only minor disruptions to the service. Most of the system is still functioning as expected, but there may be some small issues affecting a small subset of users. While not urgent, these issues should still be addressed to ensure a smooth user experience.

​Level 4 – Low Impact/Informational request

Th​is level is for minor issues or questions that do not significantly impact the service. This could include things like cosmetic issues, minor functionality questions, or feature requests. While not a priority, it's still important to address these concerns to provide the best possible service.

For anything not covered within our documentation please contact our support team at:

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