Capacity not starting/stopping automatically

What to do if your capacity is no longer in sync with your Reporting Hub application


  1. Restart the App Service

    1. There could have been an Azure service interruption that broke the synchronization between the App Service and the Power BI Capacity.

    2. Be sure to stop the App Service, wait 30 seconds and then start the App Service again. In our experience, restarting the App Service didn't properly restart the App Service.

  2. Check the Capacity logs to see if someone is turning it on/off manually (should avoid doing that). The App Service may believe that the Capacity is off when it's on.

  3. Power BI time out settings

    1. If set to zero then the Reporting Hub application is not managing it. Any value greater than zero and the Reporting Hub will manage the Power BI Capacity

  4. Create a support ticket:

To avoid billing surprises, create an Azure budget alert:

Take a look at your previous months usage. Set the budget amount to that and if you have excessive usage, you will be alerted.

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