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Troubleshooting steps for when system is up & running, users are able to access the application, yet all or most business critical content is not available or functioning.

Visit the Azure status page below and validate there are no Azure outages in your region that would impact the Reporting Hub's underlying Azure infrastructure. Specifically check that APP SERVICE, AZURE SQL DATABASE, AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY (AAD) & POWER BI EMBEDDED are all showing a green check.

  • If all Azure products and services are showing green checks please proceed to the next step.

  • If any of the above are showing a warning or critical status please contact Microsoft for support or wait until Microsoft resolves the outage.

Step 2 - Verify your Power BI content is functioning correctly in the Power BI service

If a Power BI Report is showing an error or, not rendering correctly in the Reporting Hub, you must first identify if the issue is with the report within Power BI, or the Reporting Hub.

To understand where the issue resides, start by accessing the report within the Power BI service.

  1. If the report IS NOT working as expected in the Power BI service: the issue is with the report itself or with Power BI. You must address the issue with your report or with the Power BI service. In this scenario the Reporting Hub is passing along the error it's receiving from the Power BI service. Please contact Microsoft for additional support.

  2. If the Report IS working as expected within the Power BI Service, but not working in the Reporting Hub: the issue is with the Reporting Hub. There may be several reasons why this is happening. Please continue the troubleshooting steps as outlined below.

Step 3 - Verify your Power BI Embedded Capacity is Active

  1. Login to your Reporting Hub application to ensure your Embedded capacity is activated.

  2. Access your Embedded Capacity from the Azure Portal and ensure the status is showing as Active

Step 4 - Verify your Power BI Workspaces are configured correctly

Verify your Power BI Workspaces are configured as outlined in the documentation noted below.

pageConnect Power BI Workspaces

Step 5 - Verify your Power BI Admin settings are configured correctly

Verify your Power BI admin settings are configured as outlined in the documentation noted below.

pageEnable Power BI Service Settings

Step 6 - Verify content page permissions are configured correctly

Step 7 - Restart your App Service

Login to your Azure Portal and click on the related App Service where your Reporting Hub web app resides.

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  1. Verify the status = Running. If status is not Running, please press the Start button to activate it.

  2. If status is Running, please perform a hard reset by clicking the Stop button. Wait until the service has stopped, then click the Start button to restart it.

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