Tenant Switching

Learn how to switch between tenants and set a default tenant.

Users that have access to multiple tenants can easily switch between them and even designate a 'default tenant' whose site they are automatically brought to when they log in.

Multiple tenants are available starting at the Business tier. At the Business tier, a user can only belong to one tenant and as such, tenant switching is not available. From the Enterprise tier and above, a user can belong to multiple tenants and tenant switching becomes available.

Switching Between Global Tenant and Subtenants

In order for a user to switch between the global tenant and a subtenant, the global tenant must have a parent group configured and the user must belong to that parent group.

If the global tenant has a parent group and the user belongs to it, then the user can switch between the global tenant and subtenants by following the instructions below.

By default, the global tenant does not have a parent group. Learn more about configuring your global tenant.

Tenant Switching is only available between tenants that use the same authentication framework. For example, if the Global tenant and all sub-tenants use Microsoft SSO, then a user will see all tenants and be able to switch between them. If however, one or more tenants use a different authentication, like OKTA, then those tenants would not be visible for the users on Microsoft SSO.

Switching Between Tenants

  1. Select your profile picture to access the Admin Settings menu. If you have been assigned to multiple tenants, you will also see the User Tenants menu.

  2. The tenant site you are currently viewing will appear highlighted (the color will vary with the tenant's theme settings).

  3. Select the tenant you'd like to switch to. It may take a moment for the new tenant site to load.

  4. You're now in the chosen tenant site. Switch back to your main tenant by following steps 1-3.

Default Tenant

A default tenant is the tenant site you will be brought to when you log in. The default is indicated by a house icon next to the tenant name in the User Tenants menu.

Setting a Default Tenant

  1. Select your profile picture to access the User Tenants menu.

  2. Beside the tenant you'd like to set as your default, select the ellipsis.

  3. When you log in to your next session, it will bring you to that tenant site automatically.

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