Managing User Access

Understanding how you manage access to your Reporting Hub content

User access can be managed at three levels within the Reporting Hub. Each tier can be independently managed providing flexibility as to how you control access to your content.

The three levels of user access are:

  • Tenant Level

    • Content Page Level

      • Data Level

Note: User Access in the Reporting Hub is independent from the Power BI service. Users accessing Power BI content within the Reporting Hub DO NOT require any Power BI workspace permissions.

Tenant Level Access

A tenant is the first level of access within the Reporting Hub. In a single-tenant deployment, all users access the same tenant. In a multi-tenant deployment, users can be assigned to one or more tenants.

Content Page Level Access

A content page is the second level of access within the Reporting Hub. A single tenant can contain multiple content pages including Power BI Reports, Dashboards and embedded URL content. Each content page has its own access permission.

Data Level Access

Data level is the 3rd and lowest level of access within the Reporting Hub. Data level access is referred to as Row Level Security (RLS) within Power BI. Power BI can be used to restrict data access for given users. Roles are defined using filters to restrict data access at the row of data level. The role is then passed to the Reporting Hub for the given report.

For specific Row Level Security how-to information please visit the page link below:

pageRow Level Security

User Access Levels Example

Multi-Tenant Example

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