Common Troubleshooting

Common Errors

Workspace is not showing up in the Reporting Hub
  • Ensure your workspace is not empty. A workspace must contain content to be visible to the Reporting Hub.

  • Ensure the Reporting Hub has been granted access your Workspace; see Configure Power BI Workspaces.

  • Ensure your Workspace has been assigned to your Embedded Capacity; see Configure Power BI Workspaces.

  • Click 'Refresh Workspaces' when creating a new Report page.

AAD Groups are not showing up in Manage Groups or under Tenant Admin
  • From the Admin Settings menu > Manage Groups > select Sync Groups

  • Ensure that either: no parent group is selected for the tenant, or that the desired group is contained within the selected parent or admin group

Error enabling Service Principal Profiles

In order to enable Service Principal Profiles, you'll need to go to the Power BI service, Admin portal, Developer Settings and turn on the toggle that states "Allow Service Principals to create and use profiles".

I am getting an error message when signing in that "MFA is enabled. Please use Microsoft SSO"

The reason you're not able to sign in as that your Azure security policy requires you to use multi-factor authentication (MFA). The Reporting Hub authentication does not support multi-factor authentication. You can go to the Azure portal and disable MFA for your user account.

Then you will be able to sign into the Reporting Hub. From here, you have two options: if you need to enable MFA for all of your users, you can switch the authentication scheme in the Reporting Hub to Microsoft SSO. If you don't require MFA, you can continue to use the Reporting Hub authentication scheme. However, if any of your users, including guest users, require MFA, you'll need to enable it:

I was added to a sub-tenant and now I can't switch to my global tenant

Ensure your global tenant has a parent group defined and that you're assigned to that parent group. If not, create a parent group (and associated member security groups) for the global tenant. Assign yourself to one of the associated member groups. Sign out and sign back in again. See Tenant Switching for more information.

Invited a guest user but they get a "contact system admin"

After accepting your invitation, if your guest user gets the "Contact System Admin" message, your guest user may require multi-factor authentication (MFA). Even though your Azure Active Directory (AAD) doesn't require MFA, your guest's AAD may. In order for the Reporting Hub application to allow the guest user to connect, you will need to switch The Reporting Hub authentication to Microsoft Single Sign On (SSO) / MFA. You can do so by following these instructions:

SMTP server set up is not completed, can't schedule emails

The likely cause of this is that the SMTP that you've set up is not enabled. Please return back to the SMTP Setup tab, edit the SMTP and you'll see a toggle to enable it. Once you've saved the changes, please log out and log back into the Reporting Hub. You should now be able to schedule an email.

Installation failures, there's some clean up you should do

If you had issues while running the Reporting Hub installer, you will need to do some clean up in your Azure environment:

  • Entra ID App Registration

  • Service Principal security group

The above items are created every time the installer is run. If you've used the same name for each install for the App Registration and/or the Service Principal, you may need to use date created to determine which ones to keep and which ones to remove.

How to Troubleshoot Power BI Report Errors

Power BI Report Error in the Reporting Hub

If a Power Report is showing an error or, not rendering correctly in the Reporting Hub you must first identify if the issue is with the report within Power BI, or the Reporting Hub.

To understand where the issue with your Power BI report lies, start by accessing the report within the Power BI service.

  1. If the report is not working as expected in the Power BI service: the issue is with the Report itself or with Power BI. You must address the issue with your report or with the Power BI service. In this scenario the Reporting Hub is passing along the error it's receiving from the Power BI service.

  2. If the Report is working as expected within the Power BI Service, but not working in the Reporting Hub: the issue is with the Reporting Hub. There may be several reasons why this is happening. Try troubleshooting the following items:

Can't publish Power BI reports

Make sure your Embedded capacity is active - see Embedded Capacity Admin tutorial.

Scheduled Power BI refresh is failing

Check that your Embedded capacity refresh time is scheduled just prior to your scheduled refresh time in the Power BI service. - see tutorial.

Power BI starts scheduled refreshes on a best effort basis (their words not ours). Their try to start within 15 minutes of the time, however it could be up to an hour delayed. As such, you may need to account for this delay in the schedule you create in the Capacity Manager.

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